Sunil Khadka

Sunil Khadka

Sunil Khadka is a Ph.D. student in the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering. He completed his undergraduate in Industrial Engineering and Master's in Mechanical System Design at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. With over five years of experience in HVAC industry, he focused on designing smart and green buildings. During the COVID pandemic, Sunil contributed to setting up isolation hospitals in Nepal and conducted research on the computational study of negative-pressure isolation rooms. Currently, Sunil is a member of the Building Energy and Sustainable Laboratory, led by Dr. Liang Zhang. His current work involves employing large language models to “automate the automation” in building energy modeling. This research is geared towards building decarbonization strategies, advancing the digital twins’ concept, fault-detection systems, and achieving net-zero energy buildings.


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Arizona Institute for Resilience

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