Stephanie Doerries

Institute of the Environment Fellow
School of Natural Resources and the Environment

As a Ph.D. student in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, Stephanie Doerries is interested in the ecology of desert ungulates—typically hoofed mammals—particularly with respect to understanding how management efforts and human disturbance impact populations. She currently is researching the effects of human activity on the behavior, physiology, survival, and recruitment of the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. Prompted by an increase in activity along the U.S./Mexico border during the past decade, this study involves extensive collaboration with state and federal agencies. Before coming to the UA, Stephanie spent four years working with Sonoran pronghorn as an employee of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, first helping manage the captive breeding pen and then studying the efficacy of recovery efforts. Her experience has emphasized the importance of communication among researchers, managers, and interested members of the public, with the goal of implementing effective management programs.

Podcast: Pronghorns - the Sonorans vs the American Pronghorns

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