Mruthyunjay Kubendran Sumathi

Mruthyunjay Kubendran Sumathi

Microbes, being essential to life, face significant challenges due to environmental changes, particularly the rising global temperatures. Mruthyunjay, through his research, aims to uncover the underlying mechanism that allows organisms to thrive and adapt at higher temperatures. By focusing on energy dynamics, a universal factor across all species, his work aims to construct a comprehensive theory of thermal adaptation, transcending the diversity of microbial species.

In his current project, he uses laboratory experiments with mathematical models to understand how budgeting the energy for survival and growth allows microbes to survive at higher temperatures. Through this endeavor, he aims to develop a generalized theory that not only enhances our understanding of microbial adaptation but also lays the groundwork for innovative strategies to mitigate the impact of climate change and uphold the delicate balance of life on Earth.


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Arizona Institute for Resilience

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