M. Bailey Stephenson

Agnese Nelms Haury Fellow
School of Anthropology

Bailey Stephenson is a PhD student in the School of Anthropology interested in how industrial narratives and scientific discourses influence experiences of identity and place-based understandings of environmental science and environmental consequence.  She has conducted research in both Oklahoma and Louisiana exploring how the strong presence of the oil and gas industry in both of these places influences narratives of identity, experiences of belonging, and strategies for environmental education and resistance. Stephenson holds a Master’s degree in sociocultural anthropology from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature and linguistics from DePaul University.

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Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

College of Engineering 

College of Science Galileo Circle

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Arizona Institute for Resilience

Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment & Social Justice

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences