Lorah Patterson

Galileo Circle/College of Science Fellow
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Lorah Patterson is a Ph.D. student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. Her research investigates how plants and ecosystems around the world are affected by environmental change. In the Rocky Mountains, she is conducting an experiment to expose plants to the predicted conditions of the future climate by transplanting blocks of land from cooler, high elevations to warmer, low elevations. The goal of this experiment is to learn how both warming temperatures and associated changes in competing species affect plant communities. Lorah also studies how plants respond to climate, fire, and grazing at experimental sites in the mountains of China and Peru. Before coming to UA, Lorah worked for the National Park Service and NGOs monitoring land health and studying the plants of the western United States.

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Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

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Arizona Institute for Resilience

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