Kathryn Gougelet

Agnese Nelms Haury Fellow
Department of English

Katie Gougelet is an MFA candidate in Creative Nonfiction Writing at the UA’s Creative Writing Program. She writes about how people make sense of their own health and wellbeing while living amid environmental contamination. In her work, she employs an interdisciplinary approach – drawing from medical anthropology, environmental studies, and public health to articulate the science and experience of exposure. She has previously conducted research about health and resilience in a rural West Virginian coal mining town. She continues to write about community resilience at the confluence of industrial decline, chronic poverty, and environmental contamination. As a Carson Scholar, Katie hopes to hone her digital storytelling skills in order to make her work accessible to broad audiences.


Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

College of Engineering 

College of Science Galileo Circle

Graduate College

Arizona Institute for Resilience

Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment & Social Justice

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences