A. Grace Steig

Agnese Nelms Haury Fellow
School of Anthropology

A. Grace Steig is a first-year PhD student in the School of Anthropology, studying political ecology of food and people’s movements connecting the Pacific Northwest with transnational networks. Ecologically sustainable practices in globalized food systems are carried out by agricultural workers, who are embodied with historical–political relationships to land, mobility, and labor. Grace holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Yale University, where previous research concerned food sovereignty in the Andes. As a community organizer with a love of writing and radio, Grace is excited to use the Carson Scholars Program to provoke creative engagement between knowledge systems.


Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

College of Engineering 

College of Science Galileo Circle

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Arizona Institute for Resilience

Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment & Social Justice

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences