Genie Lorenzo

Atmospheric Sciences, Ph.D
Genie Lorenzo

Genie is an Atmospheric Sciences PhD student of the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences studying aerosol particles from aircraft field campaigns, focusing on Southeast Asia. Genie is from Manila, Philippines, where she monitored air quality and weather with the Manila Observatory. There she was able to join partnerships with academic institutions, industry, government, and civil society to help improve air quality and adapt to extreme weather. Genie has an undergraduate degree in Physics and a M.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University. She is hopeful that her work will contribute to understanding aerosol particle effects on health, clouds, weather, and climate and invite appropriate responses to climate change.

Genie studies particles, collected by aircraft in Southeast Asia, and their effects on clouds and weather,
integrating her research background from Manila. 


Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

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Arizona Institute for Resilience

Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment & Social Justice

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