Emily Waggoner

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ph.D
2023-2024 Carson Scholar
Emily Waggoner Headshot

Emily Waggoner grew up in Bend, Oregon. Her passion for the ocean started in her room reading and was quickly solidified when she volunteered for a marine biologist studying gray whales. Since then, Emily has sought out any opportunity to expand her experience with ocean sciences, from working at an aquarium and in a marine sediment lab to being a skipper onboard ecotours in Oregon and Scotland. She pursued a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Scientific Visualization at the University of Southern California. Her curiosity for the open ocean led her to Dr. Solange Duhamel, who was in New York at the time. Within a year, Dr. Duhamel and Emily landed at the University of Arizona in the molecular and cellular biology department. Emily's Ph.D. focuses on oxygen-producing marine microorganisms and the clever ways in which they obtain nutrients for growth. Following her Ph.D., Emily hopes to pursue a post-doctoral position in a marine biochemistry lab. As a Carson Scholar, Emily was thrilled to be in a group of folks across disciplines coming together under our shared interest in the environment.


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