Elise Arellano-Thompson

Elise Arellano-Thompson

Elise is a second year PhD student in the School of Geography, Development and Environment, and is part of the Social [Pixel] Lab led by Dr. Beth Tellman. Her research focuses in Honduras, investigating the impact of recurrent flood events on internal displacement, growth in informal settlements, and the perpetuation of cycles of vulnerability. Employing a mixed-methods approach that combines satellite imagery with lived experience narratives, she seeks to understand the complex socio-environmental landscape and better inform future initiatives. Elise earned her MS degree in Geography from Texas State University, where she examined relationships between hydrometeorological hazards and migration from Central America to the US. Before beginning her graduate studies, Elise worked as a park specialist, a GIS analyst, and volunteered her time to relocating snakes and other reptiles. Outside of uni, Elise enjoys baking, live music, and soaking up the warm Tucson sun with her dog, cat, and two snakes.


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