Anushka Peres

Smallhouse Fellow
English Department

Anushka Peres is a photographer and Ph.D. student in rhetoric, composition, and the teaching of English in the UA’s English Department. She studies the persuasive power of photographic images, especially when they circulates across myriad borders, informs public audiences, and shifts public practice. Her work is attentive to the ways in which images move and respond to the environmental degradation of the U.S./Mexico border in Arizona. More specifically, she learns about, visually documents, and rhetorically analyzes human and nonhuman encounters with the border, centering on sites of resistance and resilience, moments and images in which the land pushes against and/or towards the border. As a photographer, Anushka strives to put into focus what might be on the margins of our gaze to consider new ways of looking and seeing that might lead to new understandings and informed practice. She aims to invite viewers into intimate and relatable encounters with ecological transition, concealment/exposure, and the subtle beauty of decay. Inherent in all of her work is a deep appreciation and affection for the land and the human and nonhuman species that inhabit it. Anushka is also an award-winning educator with the UA Writing Program.

     In Looking “We” Become: Neoliberal Giving and Whole Planet Foundation’s Faces of Poverty
     By Anushka Peres
     (July 2017)

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