Neha Gupta, 2019, awarded Babbitt Dissertation Fellowship from the Lincoln Institute

Dec. 17, 2019

Neha Gupta, 2019 Carson Scholar, was awarded the prestigious Babbitt Dissertation Fellowship through the Lincoln Insitute of Land Policy. 

Neha shared with us, "I have to give some credit for this recent victory to the Carson Scholars program, as I framed and developed my fellowship application using many of the tools shared with me during my Carson year." 

According to the Lincoln Insitute, the program the, "Babbitt Dissertation Fellowship Program assists Ph.D. students at U.S. universities whose research builds on, and contributes to, the concerns of the Babbitt Center: integration of land and water policy to advance water sustainability and resilience, particularly in the West. The program provides support to scholars early in their careers." To learn more about the fellowship, visit the Lincoln Insitute of Land Policy, here.

Congratulations, Neha! 


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