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The Carson/ B2 2011-12 Science and Society Fellows.  Photo by Shepherd Reed
Photo by: Uyen Nguyen

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Carson Scholar Podcasts on Mrs. Green's World

As part of the Carson Scholar Podcast Series, Mrs. Green has interviewed four Carson Scholars and they discuss important issues such as plant-pollinator interactions and insect-host plant interactions, animal behavior from an ecological and evolutionary perspective, and more!

Kenneth Walker, English Department

Kenny Walker is certain about one thing: uncertainty. His recent collaborative work shows how, in Silent Spring, Rachel Carson adapted scientific uncertainty from her sources and amplified it in her drafting process to create a site for public participation.

Ashwin Naidu, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Ashwin Naidu makes no bones about it: he is hooked on scat. Specializing in how DNA and conservation genetics can be applied to wild cat conservation, Naidu uses noninvasive techniques to study wild cats, including tigers and leopards in India and bobcats and mountain lions in Arizona.


The Institute of the Environment congratulates the most recent cohort of Carson Scholars, ten talented Ph.D. students from seven schools, departments, and programs. The Carson Scholars Program is designed to build a network of graduate students and faculty devoted to furthering knowledge and awareness of Earth’s natural environment and its interactions with people. Supported by the Institute of the Environment, the Renewable Energy Network, Biosphere 2, and private donations, the program also encourages individual initiative, innovation, and communication.